Real Estate

We will be by your side throughout the process of any real estate transaction, helping you to complete the necessary documentation, such as purchase agreements, mortgage documents, title documents, and transfer documents. We will help you to make informed decisions and resolve any disputes. Our goal is for you to feel confident your transaction is airtight.

Estate Planning

Our primary goal is to work with you to develop a plan that will protect and provide for your family and loved ones by managing trusts, wills, and the probate process and making sure assets are safe from beneficiaries’ creditors. We will develop a plan to minimize any estate (or your beneficiaries’) taxes. We will guard against anyone contesting your will or delaying the disbursement of your assets according to your wishes. We can also prepare power of attorney and health care directives that arrange for someone to take care of your affairs in the event you should ever become mentally incapacitated avoiding guardianship or conservatorship issues.

The costs associated with long-term care at home, in assisted living, or a nursing home are extraordinary, and it is important to engage in Medicaid planning before it is too late.

We are thoroughly knowledgeable in Medicaid Law and will guide you in making the right decisions that enable you to receive the care you need and deserve.

Your estate plan should include a power of attorney and health care proxy, both of which are critical if a time arises when you cannot make decisions about medical treatments on your own. In addition, you should have a living will which is a legal document in which you designate what actions should be taken for your health should you become incapable of making these decisions for yourself due to illness or injury.

Your will protects your loved ones when you are gone and sets forth how your property and assets will be distributed, when they will be distributed, and to whom. A will helps to eliminate delays and expenses that can occur when a loved one passes and ensures that your wishes are followed.
In certain circumstances, trusts may also be an effective means for transferring your assets during your life and after your death in order to protect your beneficiaries.

Depending upon your situation, it may be beneficial to set up an asset protection trust for your beneficiaries. In effect, this type of trust can help minimize the impact of divorce, taxation, or bankruptcy on the beneficiary. It protects the beneficiaries from creditors that wish to collect from the trust’s assets and will do so without concealment.

Elder Law covers a wide range of legal matters, including issues related to health care, long-term care planning, guardianship, retirement, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, and other important matters. These complex concerns require a holistic approach to legal advice, taking into consideration the key issues facing seniors: housing, financial well-being, health and long-term care, and autonomy/quality of life.

It’s critically important to ensure the wellbeing of your loved ones that might not be able to take care of themselves. We are experienced at creating comprehensive estate plans that will protect and provide for your disabled family member.

We work with the executors, administrators, and beneficiaries of an estate to settle the affairs of the decedent, no matter what the circumstances (e.g., whether there is or is not a will). This may include identifying and securing assets, collecting proceeds from life insurance policies, preparing and filing all documentation required by the Probate Court, resolving all tax issues, and making the final disbursement of assets.

What does a simple estate plan include?

A simple estate plan includes a will to distribute your assets and name guardians for your children and a power of attorney and health care proxy appointing agents who will make decisions for you if you cannot. Depending on your circumstances, more advanced estate planning may be needed such as trusts and Medicaid planning.